"Babies are only tiny once. Blink and it's gone."  Everyone tells you that when you're pregnant. But it's hard to imagine when it's 90 degrees outside, and your ankles have now been transformed into kankles.  Nine months seems like forever!

When delivery day finally arrives, the whole story of your family changes.  You want to slow down, savor and remember every milestone, every giggle,and cuddle. You know it's not possible, but you try anyway. Then, before you know it, they've graduated and it's hard to remember what the kankles felt like and the messy room doesn't matter that much anymore.

It really does fly by so very fast.  That is why we have photo's.  We are all trying to preserve the memories that tell the stories of our lives.  You know how it is, one random image, from years gone by, can spark a cascade of  memories or conversations that can go on for hours.

I first dabbled in photography to capture the story of my own family.  Our stacks of pictures tell the story of our lives together.  Not everything is fit for display, but we don't care.  Those images capture us as we are, it is our story and an avenue for remembering what is truly important - each other.  When my children were little, I wanted to savor every moment too.  And then life got busy,  I got busy.  In the busy, you forget - I forget.  Pictures help me remember.  Pictures keep history alive.

That pull - to document the story of our lives, has led me to become a professional photographer.  It's what pulled me away from my job as a buyer for a local company.  We know we can't capture it all, but it's my passion to assist you in capturing those special moments.  Maternity and newborns to senior pictures, and 50th anniversaries, these are the sacred milestones in your family history.  I'm privileged to document them for you.

I've been asked whether I prefer all natural photos or if I prefer the use of props.  My answer is this: it's not my story - it's yours.  You let me enter into your story, not make it for you.  I am here to listen to you and help you decide what you want.  And if you know what you want - great!  If you don't, we can figure that out together.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist;  I don't like to let people down. Therefore, I seldom do.  I'm always learning and developing my skill as a photographer.  I'm an Etsy-aholic, which is where most of my props come from.  If you find me wandering around the area walking through alleys, studying doorways and tramping through the woods, I'm probably scouting out new locations and searching for good light.

I don't take entering into your story lightly.  And it's not enough for you to like me.  I want you to love me.  And I will love you right back!

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